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  • 3D electron microscopy reconstruction of proteins:
    • Kv ion channels: Kv7 (Karlova M.G.), Kv10.2 (Gluhov G.S.)
    • Complexes of nucleosomes with RNA polymerase (Volokh O.I.)
    • F-BAR proitein Nervous wreck (Stanishneva-Konovalova T.B.)
    • Arp2/3 complex (Chemeris A.S.)
    • Subnanometer resolution structure of viruses: mosaic virus Alternanders (Pechnikova E.V.), Tobacco vortex virus (Mishyna M.Yu.), bacteriophage Luz27 (Sedov A.S.)
  • Assay development to study the folding of Kv ion channels using fluorescently labeled Agitoxin of yellow scorpion (Karlova M.G.)




FEI Tecnai G2 12 Spirit Twin 120kV
  1. Cryoelectron microscope Tecnai G2 12 Spirit Twin (FEI) (120 kV, cryo holder and cryo station for inserting samples) PDF
  2. Electron microscope JEOL2100 (JEOL) (200 kV, high tilt stage +- 70 degrees)
  3. FEI Eagle 4k CCD camera - field of view: 16 Мpх PDF
  4. Semi-automatic cryo plunger (Vitrobot, FEI) PDF
  5. HPLC (Waters)
  6. LC Akta Purifier (GE Healthcare)
  7. Ettan IPGphor 3 IEF System (GE Healthcare) PDF
  8. High-performance desktop microcentrifuge Beckman Coulter Airfuge (120000 rpm)
  9. High-speed centrifuge Optima L-100XP (Beckman) PDF
  10. Tablet spectrophotometer, fluorometer (Zenith)
  11. Real-time PCR (Bio-Rad iQ5 Multicolor) PDF
  12. Electroporator for eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells (Bio-Rad)
  13. Nikon Super Coolscan 9000ED PDF
  14. High-perfomance computing cluster «BIOSIM», 0.5 Тflop/s (24 nodes, 96 cores, 40 Gb memory, 5.5 Tb data storage, Gigabit Ethernet)